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A recovery service for the treatment of industrial fumes and salt


Resolest is the leader in the recovery and recycling of residues from the purification of industrial fumes, with a sodium bicarbonate treatment process.



Our company


Resolest is a co-subsidiary company of the Groups Solvay

The company employs about twenty people for an investment of 12 million €.

Since 2003, Resolest's innovations have helped to recycle almost 1 500,000 tonnes of brine, thereby saving natural resources.


The facility's licensed capacity is 50,000 tonnes per year for the treatment of residues from fumes from the energy recovery of the ultimate waste of local authorities and 15,000 tonnes per year from the treatment of industrial fumes and salts.


Vision and Value


Resolest offers a solution for sustainable and proven recycling for salts resulting from the treatment of industrial fumes and processes.


Since 2003, Resolest has innovated and developed a circular economy for the residues from purifying fumes from the energy recovery of Household Waste plants. Basically, the fumes are treated by sodium bicarbonate. The residues thus obtained are then taken care of by Resolest which extracts the soluble fraction. The salt obtained in the form of a purified brine is routed via a 4 km pipeline to the facilities of the Solvay plant in Dombasle (54) which uses it as a replacement for natural materials.


Prioritising recovery and ZERO rejections.


Our recovery and recycling business associated with the treatment of industrial fumes constitutes an example of a circular economy which allows the preservation of natural resources with the following priorities:


  • Controlled consumption of raw materials and energy
  • No discharge either in the air or in the water
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Development of employees' skills
  • Best integration of industrial tools
  • Total prevention of environmental incidents

As well as:

  • Staff safety
  • and the search for the most efficient overall service for our customers.




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