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Dedicated to environmental performance

Resolest has gained expertise in analysis and shares it with its clients and partners through the Resolab Analyses service

Resolab Analyses relies on a network of industrial laboratories

Resolab Analyses enables:

  • Monitoring of correct fumes treatment management
  • The economic and technical optimisation of treatment devices
  • The monitoring of production processes and discharges


An interpretation and advice task

Only trained and qualified personnel handle performing equipment enabling the control of liquids (water, leachate) solids (Refiom, Refib, Psr, salts and polluted soils….)

Equipment that enables high precision determinations:

  • Analysis of heavy metals by ICP, atomic absorption, colorimetry…
  • Control of anions (chloride, fluoride, bromide, iodide, nitrate…) by ion chromatography and titrimetry
  • Detection of organic compounds by TOC analysis…


A customised service

  • Customised writing of reports
  • of methods adapted on a case by case basis


Une solution adaptée: