A recovery service for the treatment of industrial fumes and salt...

... which enables the recycling of salts in the sodium carbonate industry.


"One of the challenges for the 21st century will be to recover our resources as much as possible." (Excerpt from the environmental conference of 2013)


In this context Resolestoffers recycling which is based on acircular economyand proven and innovative processes which respond to environmental concerns.


The complement to the treatment of industrial fumes: recyclingof saltsextracted in the chemical industry andpreservation of natural saline resources.


A response that complies with the legislation that prioritises recyclingEuropean Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC:


  • Recycling (1): Any recovery operation by which waste materials arereprocessed into products, materials or substancesfor the purposes of their initial function or for other purposes, but…does not include …the conversion for backfilling operations;
  • Waste management hierarchy (1):
    • a) Prevention;
    • b) Preparation in view of reuse;
    • c) Recycling;
    • d) Other recovery, especially energy recovery; and
    • e) Removal.

The Resolest Service originally developed meets the demand of local authorities which organise the energy recovery of residual household waste:

 PRIORITY for the Circular Economy and the preservation of natural resources.



The treatment of fumes from units: an environmental necessity

The combustion of a tonne of residual household waste associated with the purification with sodium bicarbonate generates around 10 kg of residual salts which Resolest extracts, recovers and recycles.



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