RESOGYPSE® innovation

An innovation to preserve natural resources

An innovative approach 

To provide a return and recovery of residues service from the desulphurisation of fumes, supplementing its household waste incinerators offer.

Resolest carried out a Research and Development study in order to develop a new recovery process.

Towards total recovery 

A transformation to total recovery: 

  • The sulphur content in the fumes has a use.
  • The sodium reagents used for its capture are recycled.
  • Users of construction and consolidation materials preserve natural resources.

The RESOGYPSE® context

Reducing sulphur oxides emissions in fumes is a major issue. Sodium bicarbonate has already proven its effectiveness at trapping sulphur by enabling the effective and efficient purification of fumes.

 The residues are recyclable.

RESOGYPSE® : The recycling solution at the service of industrialists

  • Glass industry
  • Fossil fuel and biomass power plants
  • Cement and ceramic industries
  • Incineration of water treatment station sludges



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